Jinoo and Princess Sherbet are in love with eachother. It is also called Jibet or Sheroo.


At first, they always argued on little things. Sherbet had no interest in Jinoo when they first met. She was in love with Jason and hated Jinoo. Later after Jinoo came to Land of Toys, they started to have a budding romance. Later Sherbet apologized to Jinoo for being a jerk towards him by hugging him when she realized that Jinoo was okay and revealed that she is in love with Jinoo. At the end of the movie, Sherbet kissed Jinoo and confessed her love for him but Jinoo said in disgust which made Sherbet mad.


  • At the end of the movie and throught out the movie, a glass painting of Jinoo and Sherbet can be seen on the walls of Sherbet's throne room. This may indicate that the "chosen one" (Jinoo) and Sherbet are supposed to be in love. RJ has also approved this.